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Westernport Marina


Mullet Street, Hastings
Victoria, Australia
Phone. 03 5979 7400
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Office Hours

Monday – Friday 9:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday – Sunday 9:00am – 4:30pm

The facilities here, while perfectly positioned, are under an upgrade so that our clients experience is a fantastic one. We have done much work on the electrical supply to each row, we have on site security every night, we have a new tractor to launch and retrieve dry storage boats, there is a brand new stainless-steel barbecue facility available for families, our office has been fully renovated and staffing levels have increased so that we can provide a superior service.


If you have a trailer boat stored here we will launch your boat for you prior to you coming down to the Marina. Simply phone the office with at least one hours notice and your boat will be ready when you arrive. When you return to the Marina (with your bag of fish) we will retrieve your boat, wash it, flush your motor, take the bungs out and return it to the storage yard.


Capable of lifting boats up to 40 tonne. We will lift and hold your boat to do insurance surveys, pressure wash, small repairs such as replace anodes.
The travel lift has a crane which will lift up to 2 tonne. This is especially good for lifting your mast, lifting and replacing your engine.

We can lift your boat and place it on one of our hard stands or place your boat on a truck for transport.

All travel lifts must be booked in through the office.


This facility is available 24/7. We have both high flow and normal flow speed diesel fuel. We also have 91 Unleaded and 98 premium unleaded fuel. All you need is a credit card and our Outside Payment System will do the rest.


We will pressure wash your boat prior to you replacing your antifoul or doing other repairs while on a hard stand.

We also have a special rate for a quick lift, blast (medium pressure) and return to the water. This will help you prolong the life of your antifoul and keep your boat sleek and able to slice through the water to give you maximum speed, minimise fuel consumption and generally reduce the pressure on your equipment.


Available to all Members who have a boat in the Marina. Tea and coffee facilities, TV, books, magazines, toilets facilities are all available for members only. The bar is open on Friday nights from 5pm (limited to once a month in the cold winter months) until 9.00pm or as demand requires.


We can tow your boat to the fuel wharf or to the travel lift if needed.

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