For Contractors

For Contractors

Induction Information


Why: WPM is required to ensure that all contractors understand their rights and accept their responsibilities in these matters. Only legitimate businesses with adequate insurance cover are allowed the privilege to provide their services to our customers, at our facility.

When: Once this document is read, understood, signed and all required information is provided, it will be necessary for contractors to register “in” and “out” for every job you undertake at our facility. You will record the boat details you are working on, and specify the type of work you will be doing.

Who: It is important that each employee of your business understands the registration procedure, and acknowledges the conditions. We request that all contractors register with us prior to job commencement, either with your services arranged through our on-site tenants, or directly through the boat owner.

Cost: Currently there is no charge.

Duration: Your registration with WPM will be valid for the duration of your insurance cover (refer specific insurance requirements). Re registration is necessary when insurance cover is renewed.

Disclaimer: WPM reserves the right, at its absolute discretion, to reject or withdraw the privilege of entry or provision of services from our facility from any person or company at any time.

As the available services and customer needs vary from Marina to Marina, this registration only applies to Western Port Marina.

Required Insurance Information: The marina requires outside contractors to provide the following Certificates of Currency (copies must be provided with your registration):

  • Public Liability Insurance (minimum value AUD $10 million Dollar)
  • Ship Repairer Liability Insurance (minimum value AUD $10 million Dollar)
  • Workers Compensation Insurance (Unless sole trader)

These requirements apply in full to all work done on boats both in the water and on land, including detailing. Contractors will not be allowed to commence work on boats until such time as the necessary certificates are provided.

A separate Risk Assessment is required for all work that could potentially harm the Environment, threaten personal safety or cause damage to property and a Safe Work Method Statement (see pages 14 & 15) is required to be filled out.

For regular contractors who perform recurring jobs, a generic SWMS (Safe Work Method Statement) or JSA (Job Safety Analysis) indicating all specific tasks and associated risks will be accepted to replace the individual SWMS. This generic document could be supplemented by individual SWMS’s for less frequent jobs.

Security: Boats that are cradled in the hardstand area are to be accessed by owners and contractors only.

Do not allow other persons access to the secure areas as you enter or leave. If someone requests access to these areas they must use their own key or alternatively report to the office.

Health and Safety: Contractors are required to ensure that they are physically fit and capable of undertaking the work for which they have been contracted.

Contractors must also be aware that there is travel lift and tractors operating in the yard area. Marina operated machinery has right of way at all times.

No Children or animals in the yard at any time.

While on walkways use caution and watch out for ropes, bowsprits, leads etc.

Accidents and Incidents: Any accident or incident that results in property damage or injury, environmental harm, or threatens environmental harm, must be reported immediately to WPM office staff.

Any person requiring first aid treatment is to contact either administration or a WPM employee.

Job Safety Analysis (JSA’s): The contractor is required to provide a risk assessment (Job Safety Analysis or Safe Work Method Statement) prior to commencing any job that involves a certain risk to marina property, vessels or the environment. Forms are available at the marina office.

Compressed air/cylinders: Safety valves are to be utilised in the use of compressed air. Cylinders are to be stored and used in a secure and upright position. All air-lines are to be securely joined to prevent separation during operation.

Diving Work: All diving work MUST be approved by the Marina Manager and be compliant to current legislation. All divers are to be appropriately certified and possess a medical certificate certifying fitness to undertake the diving work. A letter is to be provided showing that your work methods are in line with current legislation requirements. In addition we will require copies of Commercial Diving Tickets for each diver.

Electrical: Electricity and water are a lethal combination. All electrical equipment must be recently tested and tagged before being used at WPM. On arrival on site, or during your work at WPM your electrical equipment may be inspected by a WPM employee. Extra care must be exercised during and immediately following periods of rainfall.

Electrical leads must be switched off at the point of power supply and removed when not in use. Extension leads must be located and protected in such a manner as to prevent damage from vehicular traffic, hot equipment and the water. Use of safety switches for all portable equipment is mandatory.

If electrocution occurs DO NOT TOUCH the victim unless you have been able to turn off the power supply. Call “000” and notify marina staff.

Explosive-powered tools: Explosive-powered tools are NOT to be used at WPM.

Fuel: Where petrol or diesel powered equipment is used on site, fuel must be stored in satisfactory safety containers. Contractors are to ensure that adequate ventilation is provided when using petrol or diesel powered equipment and that sufficient non-smoking signs are displayed.

Fire hoses: Fire hoses are not to be used for any purpose other than for the fighting of fires.

Hazardous substances: A Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all hazardous substances must be available upon request by a WPM representative. All users must be familiar with, and understand the first aid and control measures required.

Hot Work/Welding: Adequate fire protection must be provided. A suitable fire extinguisher must be securely attached to each electric or oxyacetylene or Oxy-LPG welding plant brought on site. Welding operations must be screened to protect all personnel against flashes. All gas cylinders, including propane, must be restrained i.e. in a trolley. Suitable clothing must be worn and the Marina’s hi-vis vests are not to be worn while welding or grinding is taking place.

Machine Guarding: No machinery, hand tool or other equipment is to be operated without effective guards.

Personal protective equipment and clothing: Appropriate personal protective equipment and clothing, including shoes, must be worn at all times.

Working at heights: Any working platform must conform to the relevant Standards. Hoists and scaffolding must be to the standard required by local authorities and approved in writing where applicable.

Ladders must be of industrial standard and be tied off at the top and secured on even ground at the bottom, all Sails/covers are to be securely fastened. While working in elevated situations be aware of the hazards involved. Do not throw or drop any items from the boat.

Environmental Consideration:

General: Any work undertaken at WPM that could result in a pollution incident must be safeguarded against. Any penalties incurred by the marina as a result of a contractor’s breach of Environmental Legislation will be recovered from the contractor. It is the contractor’s responsibility to determine whether or not the activities that they are to undertake on the marina could result in a pollution incident. If any doubt exists, consult with the Marina Manager before commencing your work.

Mechanical repairs and engine servicing: Any mechanical repairs and/or engine servicing are to be conducted in such a manner that will not cause offensive noise or fumes.

Painting and Antifouling work: Only work of a minor internal nature is to take place on vessels in wet berths. Major sanding, scraping and painting are only to occur in the hardstand area. All residue from such operations is to be disposed of correctly. Under no circumstances is residue to be placed in the Marinas waste bins, unless prior approval has been gained from the Marina Manager.

Any paint or anti-fouling spillages on a hardstand area are to be cleaned up. Spillages are not to be hosed down into the waste-water collection system. The use of a drop sheet is recommended.

Spillages occurring in a hardstand area are to be contained and cleaned up immediately.

Washing of boats: When contractors are washing and cleaning boats, care is to be taken to minimise the amount of run off that goes into the water. Only appropriate bio-degradable detergents are to be used.

Any water restrictions require strict adherence from the contractor.

Waste: No waste must be allowed to enter the water. Waste includes, but is not limited to, paint, varnish, wood and fibreglass dust, oil or oil based products and oily bilge water. Waste bins are located around the marina. Oil, oil products and drained oil filters, scrap metal (including anodes),batteries, acids and all other harmful waste generated by the contractor is to be taken off-site by the contractor.


Damage: Marina property damaged by a contractor will be repaired at the contractor’s expense.

Discipline: WPM reserves the right to refuse access to any contractor, and reserves the right at all times to cancel the registration of any contractor on reasonable grounds and they will be refused access to the Marina.

Dress and Conduct: WPM reserves the right to ask contractors to wear clothing that is in keeping with safety requirements Contractors must at all times conduct themselves in a manner acceptable to WPM. Loud, coarse or abusive language will not be tolerated.

Cars: Only 1 vehicle per boat is permitted in the hardstand area. If there is a need for extra vehicles permission is required from Marina Management.

Safety Vests: For work performed in all areas. Contractors must have their own Hi-Vis safety vests. The marina issued hi-vis vests must be worn at all times while working at WPM with the exception of welding and grinding when they must be removed. Vests must be returned to the office at the end of each job.

Housekeeping: Work areas must be kept clean and tidy with prompt removal of all garbage. Oily rags and any flammable material residue are to be disposed of correctly. They are not to be placed in the marina’s rubbish bins. The marina structure and walkways are to be kept clear at all times.

It is the responsibility of the contractor to remove all rubbish unless otherwise agreed with WPM management.

Hoses: Water hoses located on the marina belong to marina customers. They are not for general or contractor use. If you require the use of a hose please bring your own.

Marina operating times: Contractors are permitted to work at the Marina from 8:00am to 4:30pm Monday to Saturday. Any work undertaken by contractors outside these times is to be by prior arrangement only.

Power supply: If a contractor needs to unplug any other vessel’s power supply in the hardstand then it must be plugged back in after a reasonable time.

Smoking: Contractors are to ensure that ‘no smoking’ restrictions at the Fuel Wharf, the Hardstand yard and other designated areas are observed.

Workshop: WPM workshops are restricted areas and are not for contractors use. It is WPM policy that tools and equipment will not be lent or hired out.

Advertising: Contractors are prohibited from distributing promotion or advertising pamphlets, business cards or samples whilst working at our facility.

Alcohol: No alcohol in the work area during work hours or while work is being undertaken.

Contractor Activities:

Contractors are only to carry out activities they are lawfully able to perform in Victoria.

Please Note: Any Victorian Workplace Health, Safety and Environmental Legislation or other applicable Statutes will take precedence over the above conditions.