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The measurement is the actual length of vessel including any bowsprit.

Every boat must have a minimum of $5 Million Public Liability Insurance

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Office use

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Rules of the Marina
(a) No vessel is permitted to enter the “Marina unless it is in a sound, safe, secure, sea worthy and watertight condition and all vessels must operate under their own power and be registered, identified, marked, equipped and maintained as required by law.
(b) All vessels must be insured.
(c) A vessel shall only be berthed in the Marina where directed and all mooring lines must be kept in good condition and only mooring lines made up to suit the vessel may be used. Marina management reserve the right to provide mooring lines (at the vessel owner’s expense) where it is deemed, at the sole discretion of Marina management, that a mooring line supplied by the Occupier is not in good condition or does not suit the vessel.
(d) All vessels must observe a speed limit of five (5) knots within, departing from, and when approaching the Marina and standard marine procedures must be observed.
(e) Marina access is restricted to persons berthing a vessel at the Marina and their invitees. Invitees must be supervised at all times and the Marina takes no responsibilities for invitees or their actions. Access to the third parties other than such invitees is strictly prohibited. All gates, entrances and exits within the Marina must be properly closed after each use.
(f) Unsightly or dilapidated vessels are not permitted in the Marina. Decks and adjacent areas must be kept clear of all debris, bottles, papers, and other rubbish.
(g) Repairs, grit blasting, painting, hull cleaning, fitting out or refitting a vessel is not permitted in the Marina except in designated areas and subject to the prior written consent of the Marina. Minor repairs, painting, maintenance, mechanical adjustments and electrical work is permitted subject to the prior written consent of the Marina. Tradesmen and other contractors must not be engaged to carry out work on vessels at the Marina without prior written consent of the Marina and must have completed an induction.
(h) Fuelling or re-fuelling of a vessel is not permitted except at the designated Marina fuelling facility.
(i) All necessary precautions must be taken to prevent the outbreak of fire.
(j) A vessel must not obstruct in any way the embarkation or disembarkation of other occupants of the Marina.
(k) The display of “for sale” or other signs are prohibited. Advertising is not permitted on any vessels except with the prior consent of the Marina.
(l) Permanent residence is not permitted in a vessel in the Marina unless prior permission is granted by the Marina.
(m) No laundry or items of a personal nature may be hung out to dry on any vessel or in the Marina.
(n) Swimming, driving or fishing within the Marina is prohibited.
(o) Children under the age of eighteen (18) must
(p) Sewage, oil, spirits, inflammables, oily bilges and other refuse must not be discharged into the water of the Marina but must be disposed of ashore in the receptacles provided in the Marina for that purpose.
(q) Noise must be kept to a minimum and discretion must be used in operating radios and musical apparatus so as not to create a nuisance and all rigging shall be secured on vessels to reduce noise levels.
(r) Immoral, unlawful, noxious, offensive, hazardous, or other behaviour likely to cause nuisance, offence, injury or damage to property in the Marina is prohibited.
(s) No auction, fire, bankruptcy or liquidation sale is permitted in the Marina without the prior consent of Marina management.
(t) Pets are not permitted in the Marina except with the prior written consent of Marina management and vessels must be kept free of animals, pets, pests, insects, vermin and all infectious diseases and infestations. Feeding birds and cleaning of fish in the Marina is prohibited.
(u) Bow sprits must not hang over the walkways.
(v) These rules are made and enforced for the overall welfare of the Marina community and all Marina users are obligated, as members of the community, to at all times accept and abide by them or any other rules, regulations or instructions that may be made or given by Marina management from time to time.