Westernport Marina 2019 Upgrade

Westernport Marina 2019 Upgrade

Westernport Marina is thrilled to announce an amazing list of upgrades to our facilities and security. We have been working hard over the last 6 months to ensure our members and visitors get the most out of their marina experience.

Our new fuel wharf is fitted with two 30,000 litre tanks with fast flow diesel and unleaded pumps, making refuelling a speedy processes so you can get out on the water faster.
Connection has been established to a natural gas line as well updated electrical and fiberoptic cabling.

We have focused particular attention on safety and security upgrades which include the installation of security cameras throughout the Marina, an emergency speaker system and two way communication and cameras between the main gate entry and the office. The addition of a security fence protects all boats on the water as well as new fob key system for all gates throughout the Marina for increased security.

Safety wise, there is an all new fire system including ten new fire hydrants, as well as new domestic water lines and sprinkler systems. The carpark has been re-marked including designated disable carparks, speed humps, loading zones and walkways to each of the rows for ease of movement. New paths have been concreted (paved) through the Marina including a covered walkway near the office area. Clear and visible signage has been installed to ensure everyone can find their way around the Marina area.

Structurally we have recovered and repaired the rock bank between rows including the import of large rocks to stabilise the bank.

The cafe has seen an upgrade with the installation of a new pergola out the front which also includes a glassed area, ideal for gazing across the marina to admire the boats and beautiful view of the water. For added enjoyment there is now a covered BBQ area, as well as luxe new lawns replanted and bark chipped gardens. And to top it all off, various lookout areas with tables and chairs to sit back and take it all in. These upgrades to the Westernport Marina are bringing the best marina experience to our members and guests.

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